Choosing a Companion

Do you know a dog lover or a cat lover? Do you know someone who strays from the conventional pet and enjoys fish, birds, or maybe even a snake? If you do you are not alone. Many people enjoy the company of an animal either on land or in a tank. They can bring comfort or a sense of appreciation for oneself. Pets have been attributed to reduced stress levels and some animals such as dogs are even used as service animals to help those struggling with anxiety or depression. Pets also can teach young people how to responsibly care for another living being, along with treat others with respect and love.

Many say what type of pet you have says a lot about you, your personality, and your lifestyle. Timid and reserved people normally get cats, on the other hand rambunctious folks most likely get dogs. But even within those polarizing stereotypes there are gleaming exceptions. Whichever animal you connect with is entirely personal and intimate. You may be a 250 pound body-builder that feels a connection with a bunny. You could be a school teacher that wants a Boa constrictor. Do not let conventions or gender norms conflict when choosing which pet you will care for the best. When choosing a pet make sure that the environment you are in is suitable for the animal, or you have the appropriate equipment to house the animal. You do not want to have a husky in the southern Florida because her or she may get overheated. And you certainly do not want a lizard without a heat lamp or a terrarium. Also, you must be sure you can afford the pet. Not only does having an animal require attention, patience, and responsibility, but they also require money. Vaccines, food, shelter, toys, and other items will be a continuing expense until the end, so make sure you are able to spend the money. If all goes well, you can be happy with your special pet. If not, you can always check out this Groupon Coupon for EHarmony for a human companion.