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Types of Paper Shredders

A device that mechanically cuts paper into strips or into fine particles is referred to as a paper shredder. Paper shredders are normally used by government organizations, business enterprises, and individuals to get rid and destroy confidential and private documents.

Abbot Augustus Low invented the first paper shredder, was patented on February 2, 1909, but was never manufactured. In 1935, Adolf Ehinger, avoiding capture and investigation of his anti-Nazi propaganda, improvised a hand-crank pasta maker to shred the propaganda documents, resulting into his brand of paper shredder, such that he, later on, improved on the device by using electric motor to easily shred papers much faster.

In the US, a 1988 Supreme Court ruling, which upheld the Fourth Amendment, stated the non-prohibition for warrantless search and seizure of left or collected garbage; and with that, paper shredders became a popular tool for citizens who saw the need to protect their privacy on confidential documents. Another law, which is the anti-burning law, also contributed to the need to buy paper shredders. When the identity theft, which is stealing personal or financial information from a person for the purpose of assuming that person’s identity to make business transactions, was getting popular, the US federal Trade Commission strongly advised businessmen to immediately dispose their financial documents by first shredding them. Paper shredders have also become a means by businesses and individuals to dispose of confidential documents when the information privacy laws like FACTA, HIPAA, Gramm-leach-Bliley Act were publicized.
The Beginner’s Guide to Tools

With the many reasons for using paper shredder, this device now come in varied size and price – small and inexpensive to large costly ones which can shred millions of paper per hour. Practical features have been added to improve on the paper shredder’s efficiency like a noise reduction unit or a controlling device that can reject the overloading of papers to prevent jamming.
The Art of Mastering Products

Services for paper shredding come in a form of mobile shredding truck, which is commonly used as an industrial-size shredder and used, at the same time, as storage space for the shredded materials. Instead of owning a paper shredder there is the kiosk type, which is available for public use. Furthermore, paper shredders can be outsourced by companies and shredding can be on-site or using mobile shredder trucks or having off-site shredding facilities. To ensure safety, the documents to be destroyed are paced in locked bins and are emptied periodically.

Supposed to be, shredded documents are no longer capable of being re-assembled and read, in theory, but that depends on whether the process of shredding was well done or whether there were sources that were used to reconstruct the documents back. In some cases, useful information can be obtained by forensic analysis of the paper, ink, and cutting method, even if the source has already been shredded.