What bizarre pet laws are there across the globe?

pet laws

Around the world we all live our animals. But, around the world there also exist some very strange and poorly reasoned laws concerning animals, too:

The sound of silence

In North Brook, Illinois, dogs are not allowed to bark for any longer than fifteen minutes and in Little Rock, Arkansas, Dogs are not allowed to bark after 6pm. It would be interesting to know how exactly the authorities expected owners to prevent this.

No pig shall be named Napoleon

This law is specific to France and makes a bit more sense than some of the others. It is meant to stop people from defaming the name of Napoleon Bonaparte. Apparently even naming a fictional pig after Napoleon is illegal, which is why the charming tale Animal Farm was banned in France. When the ban was lifted Napoleon’s name was changed to Caesar, although all of the thematic links to the French revolution are still there, so…

The Prince and the Puppy

In England it is illegal for any ‘common’ pet to mate with one of the royal family’s pets, no matter how Shakespearean their romance might be. So, when the Queen and her corgis finally pop round for a cup of tea, it’s probably best to keep your dogs on a leash.

No car surfing for your pooch

In Alaska it is illegal to tie a dog to the roof of your car. Why, you ask? Common sense, probably. If you ever thought it was a good idea to tie your dog to the roof of your car then you probably deserve the heft fine coming your way.

Leave Simba at home when you go to the movies

Yeah, this is yet another very strange law. In Maryland, USA, it is illegal to take a lion to the movies. Why? Probably in response to someone doing something stupid, like taking a Lion to the movies. The law was made so long ago that practically no one knows where it came from. One thing’s for sure though, the law doesn’t say anything about bears.

Cats have a furfew (sorry)

Japanese cats it seems have a curfew for cats on public display. Japan loves its animal cafes, where patrons can sit and pet the cute little fur balls to their hearts content. However, a law was passed that forbade pet owners from keeping their cats on display past 8pm. While the law was passed to stop pet shop owners from keeping their display animals in small cages for so long, cat café owners and animal lovers aren’t too happy that they have to go to bed early. So, maybe this is one of the slightly less weird animal laws.

Your dogs are just going to have to play poker at home

Yep, that’s right. Animals are banned from the Las Vegas strip from noon until 5am. This law, while a little bit ridiculous, has good intentions. It was passed to stop panhandlers from forcing animals to sit in one spot for long periods of time as well as to protect tourists from any wild animals. So, while this law will save all the poor pups from sitting out in the sun, your pets are just going to have to pick up online betting instead.